Tai Chi Fit

A Tai Chi Fit class starts with some breathing Exercises.  Then warm up exercises to loosen joints and warm muscles. We then practice the ‘form’.  We end with some guided relaxation.

More information

I started teaching Tai Chi Fit this year and am amazed at the affects it has had on me personally.  I feel calmer, fitter and more positive (if that was possible). Since I started teaching Tai Chi Fit I have seen physical and psychological changes in my pupils.  They have gained patience, balance, peace and poise.  They have less stiffness in joints and muscles.  I myself have found that any muscle tension is dispelled my practicing Tai Chi Fit.


  • It cleanses the body of toxins.

  • It balances the emotions through breathing exercises.

  • It improves posture, helping to prevent the problems associated with back pain while natural balance is improved.

  • It improves muscle co ordination and strength without stressing the body.

  • It naturally reduces physical wear and tear.

  • It strengthens the mind and calms the emotions.

Times and cost

If you are interesting in booking a Tai Chi Fit class please call beforehand, we like to ensure class sizes are reasonable.
Mondays at 9.00 am
Tuesdays at 6.00 pm
Thursdays at 11.30 am
Saturdays at 9.00 am

Tai Chi Fit is £8 per session or £10 pay as you go.

Book a class, see our timetable…


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