mindfulness workshops


i have started running mindfulness workshops after having studied it as part of my hypnotherapy and also having inadvertently studied it and put it into practise over the past 5 years.


we think thousand of thoughts a every day and i liken it to tuning in a radio station before the days of digital.  there would be a scrabbling of words and sounds but you couldn’t actually hear what was being said.  how can you discern the good from the bad under these conditions.  so by practising mindfulness we can clear away a lot of the unwanted and unnecessary and be left with the stuff that will change our lives and our perceptions.


mindfulness, i feel is different to meditation in as much as it can permeate many areas of your life.  not only can you be mindful of your breathing which is the practise per se.  but you can then be mindful on a daily basis of what thoughts you allow to linger in your head.  you can be mindful of what comes out of your mouth and vet all thoughts before you put them into words, mindful that negative thoughts words and actions attract more of the same.  then you can be mindful of what goes into your mouth.  do you remember the last time you reached for the other half of your sandwich only to find that you had mindlessly eaten it, or put your hand into that packet of crisps or biscuits only to find that it was empty – i know they don’t put as many into the packet as they used to!!!


the premise behind mindfulness and thinking is that by allowing yourself to be conscious of what you are thinking and focussing on, you can be selective about what you put your energies into, and what you reject, not allowing negative, limiting and destructive thoughts and feelings to grow.


when you focus on your breath and your breathing you cannot help but to clear your mind.  thinking and over thinking changes nothing, it just digs you into a deeper hole.  by clearing your mind, by clearing all those thought clouds from the sky that is your mind, you can be more conscious and aware of the helpful and positive thoughts that were there all the time just waiting to be heard.  i have had clients who got onto my treatment table not knowing what to do about something, only to rise half an hour later with an idea.