‘You have to keep going to get anywhere’ is a favourite Mantra of mine. What is the alternative? Every journey begins with one single step, this could be your first step to the incredible, amazing, exciting life you were born to live. Through my books and workshops come and discover Mindfulness.

Mindful Living

In Mindful Living I share with you what I have discovered about a Mindful life.  I freely truly blessed to have found something that is so simple yet so amazing,  through practising Mindfulness in our day to day lives we can all create the best life possible for ourselves.

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Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating focuses on our diets, our bad habits and our bodies. Do you feel like your battling temptation? fad dieting? and being generally unhappy with yourself? Through Mindfulness you can banish all these demons and gain control, will power and confidence.

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Mindful Sex & Marriage

There are no hard and fast rules, no two people are the same. It was however while I was writing this that I discovered Mindfulness, and while in theory it is a form of meditation, it’s basic tenet fits beautifully into every form of relationship challenge.

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Free Mindful Meditation CD with every order!

With every order placed we will also include a Mindful Meditation Audio CD
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and to help you on your path of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness isn’t a science it is common sense. Since I have discovered Mindfulness my life has become more peaceful, more magical and quite simply amazing. I used to be fat, angry, critical, intolerant, judgmental, impatient and out of control. But gradually bit by bit I have changed the negative into positive. I have control over my eating. I refuse to feel any negativity about anything or anyone. And I would never have thought I could feel this peaceful. So naturally I wanted to share this discovery with anyone who would listen. And many people who crossed my path and saw how me and my life had changed, wanted to know how.

My philosophy is ‘don’t complain, change’ so I started running workshops to share what I had done and how. Mindfulness is not new, it has been around for centuries but there are always new people saying it in different ways and new people ready to hear it.