Mindfulness Diary 43


I went away for a few days at the weekend and had a great time.  I took time to be Mindful and Meditate and breath.  The week before I left I was teaching my usual Pilates classes, which as you know I thoroughly enjoy.  But for some reason, I wasn’t feeling comfortable with it, it wasn’t flowing.  It felt like a struggle.  However, when I came back after my change of scenery, the very same lesson was a breeze and fun.  So what was different?  Definitely not the lesson or the pupils.  So it must have been my state of mind and perspective.  Next time I find myself feeling like that I will give myself five minutes off to just get back in the right frame of mind.


In this same vein, I had some time to spare this evening, which is unusual for me as most evenings I work.  As I had time, I thought I would cook myself something nice.  However, no matter how I tried, I could not think of a single thing that I fancied.  I wandered around the supermarket and nothing grabbed me.  Why was this?  I asked myself.  It struck me that enjoyment of eating isn’t necessarily just about the food.  It is also about how you are feeling when you buy it and when you prepare it and when you eat it.  This was a bit of a revelation to me.  Because sometimes I can eat something and thoroughly enjoy it and sometimes I can eat exactly the same thing and it does nothing for me.  So now I know that what I eat and enjoy is dependant of how I am feeling at the time.  I will strive to feel happy and relaxed before I shop, prepare and eat my meals. x