Mindfulness diary 42


I recently ran a workshop on Mindfulness and Peace.  I have discovered over the years that peace is something that many of us crave.  Whether it be peace of mind, peace and quiet or five minutes peace away from the demands and expectations of others, we are all looking for that sense of all being well, balanced, calm and controlled.  I believe that Mindfulness can bring peace to our lives.  Being Mindful gives one an inner peace regardless of what is going on around us.  I liken being in a state of Mindfulness to wearing a suit of armour or an invisibility cloak, no matter what is going on around you it cannot affect your inner state.


I feel that particularly at this time of year when we can sometimes find ourselves swept along with the demands and expectations of the festive season, that five minutes of time to yourself can be just what you need to nurture yourself.   It can be as simple as sitting in your car for five minutes and going within to release tension or to focus on your breath before heading into work, or to the supermarket.  As simple as pausing, a hot drink cupped in your hands while you savour the moment.  As simple as waking up in the morning, stretching and giving yourself the chance to just be in this state of non doing just for a minute or two before leaping out of bed and letting the day take over.  Or as simple as stopping before you react to something or someone, and choosing a different way, and getting a different result.


Then bit by bit, moment by moment, day by day, that sense of peace stays with you longer and longer …….