Diary of a Mindful Eater – Day two

When I was studying Chinese Medicine for my Acupuncture degree I was introduced to the energetics of food.  This taught me from a Chinese perspective, the effects of food on the body.  How food can be heating or cooling.  Whether it causes phlegm and mucous or whether it was capable of clearing it.  So now the consumption of food has taken on a new meaning for me.  Now more than ever I eat food for a reason.  For it’s life giving qualities.  I try to avoid dead food.  That is food that is all but devoid of vitamins and minerals.  Vital stuff that will regenerate, build and maintain every system of my body.


For quickness I often grab a tub of supermarket hummus but it is not ideal.  I know many people who eat a whole tub of hummus as a snack.  Then go on to eat three other meals in the day.  For me, hummus is a meal.  If I buy a supermarket tub I only eat half.  I have it with celery sticks.  The recipe below is fab and healthy.  I make it and divide it into four nice little bowls.  Keep it in the fridge and have one a day.  It even improves with age.


Salmon hummus

Tin of salmon.  Any size you like. The bigger the can, the stronger the flavour.  I use red wild salmon.

Tin of chickpeas.  I use ones in water

A couple of cloves of roasted garlic

Juice of a lemon

2 tbsp tahini

Ground black pepper

Olive oil or water to soften consistency.


Chuck it all in the blender.  Take salmon and chickpeas out of cans first!!

Add some olive oil and water to soften mix to your taste.  Blend until smooth or less if you like chunky.