Diary of a Mindful Eater – day three

How often do you eat something and go OMG that was gorgeous?  That was how I reacted to my Salmon Stir fry below.  Don’t you just love it when you eat something that just hits the spot.  Sometimes it is just about eating consciously.  But often added to that is the knowledge that you are eating things that will promote a sense of wellbeing, boost your immune system and give you boundless energy.  I have found since I began eating Mindfully that some things just don’t agree with me.  When you eat mindlessly you don’t always acknowledge or make the connection between what you have eaten and how you feel.  I have recently found that drinking alcohol makes be feel down for the whole of the next day.  Chocolate appears to have the same effect.  But last week when I had my Salmon Stir fry I woke up with energy and enthusiasm.  I have to eat it cold some days as I don’t have time to heat it.  But every time I ate it I was thrilled.  Partly because of the taste and partly because I was consciously eating healthy food.  Food, when consumed repairs, restores and regenerates.  How exciting.


Salmon Stir fry

A side of salmon baked in the oven in tin foil with lemon juice and black pepper


Any vegetables you like:


red onion

baby corn



red, green, yellow pepper

green beans

mange tout



butter, ghee or coconut oil

soy sauce

toasted sesame oil


stir fry the veg in ghee, butter or olive oil until hot and crisp

stir in some soy sauce, sesame oil and black pepper and salt.

Put into bowls and flake salmon on top.