Day six eating diary


I talk to many people about their diets and food intake. Many have lost their way.  They are often swayed by the latest research or trends and end up not knowing if they are coming or going.  I do colon hydrotherapy and deal with a lot of people who have trouble going to the loo regularly.  I find that the lack of roughage is a big part of the problem. They say ‘but I eat loads of fruit!’  Loads of anything isn’t the answer. If you have lost your way take it slowly, take it steady.  One small step at a time. And keep meditating, it improves your willpower.


Since becoming more Mindful about what goes into my mouth my taste buds have changed.  I really don’t enjoy junk or sugar foods anymore. I prefer quality to quantity. This didn’t happen over night.  It has been gradual consistent steps.


Chinese vegetable soup

Careful with this one as it is quite pure if you have been on the junk food.  Quite an acquired taste.  But soooo good for you.



pak choi

baby corn

mange tout



red onion

green beans

any vegetables you fancy




seaweed like kombu.  It’s dried and in a packet and available in health food shops.

miso sachet


Stir fry the veg in butter, ghee or coconut oil

Dilute the miso in boiling water and add to the veg

Cut or crumble the seaweed and add.  Simmer until seaweed soft and veg still crunchy.


Can add any protein you fancy like chicken, prawns, tofu

You can also add rice noodles for bulk and variety