Day five eating diary


We sometime think processed and fast foods are our only options when we are time starved.  When we have a load on our plate feeding ourselves has to be quick and simple.   When you become more Mindful you find the time to do what you want to do most. And that might be preparing and eating nourishing foods that excite you.  This Greek salad is gorgeous and takes seconds to throw together. I then put it into four bowls, in the fridge and eat one a day.  I was talking to someone the other day about this and she didn’t think you could eat something more than two days old.  My four bowl system hasn’t been a problem to me.  Be Mindful of your meals. What is it you really enjoy eating?


Greek Salad


Puy lentil sachet



red onion

cherry tomatoes


Kalamata olives

Or any other salad veg you fancy


olive oil

lemon juice

balsamic vinegar

wholegrain mustard


This is just an assembly job.  So quick.  So easy and So tasty.

No measuring, just as you like.