Mindfulness Diary 47

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Mindfulness Diary 47   I recently ran a workshop on Mindful Meditations.  There are so many ways to clear your mind, ease the tension from your body and find peace.  I don't know about you but when I used to think about Meditating I imagined sitting bolt upright, legs crossed and hands resting on knees.  [...]

happy new year!

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Happy new year I hope you have had a peaceful restful holiday season.  I had a lovely time and while I was having a great holiday I was planning my strategy for the New Year.  As I do.  I have lots of new things I would like to do and things I would like to [...]

Mindfulness Diary 43

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Mindfulness Diary 43   I went away for a few days at the weekend and had a great time.  I took time to be Mindful and Meditate and breath.  The week before I left I was teaching my usual Pilates classes, which as you know I thoroughly enjoy.  But for some reason, I wasn’t feeling [...]

Mindfulness diary 42

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Mindfulness diary 42   I recently ran a workshop on Mindfulness and Peace.  I have discovered over the years that peace is something that many of us crave.  Whether it be peace of mind, peace and quiet or five minutes peace away from the demands and expectations of others, we are all looking for that [...]

Mindfulness Diary 41

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'It's the sunshine on the inside that makes it so much easier to deal with the rain on the outside'   I woke up this morning full of the joys of spring.  It is happening a lot at the moment.  I feel both joyous and peaceful at the same time.  I can only put it [...]

Mindfulness diary 40

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Mindfulness diary 40   Being and acting Mindfully makes you more calm and confident.  So many of the things I used to stress over just don't bother me any more.  Three times this week I have messed up a couple of client appointments.  It happens sometimes.  When you deal with a large number of clients and [...]

Mindfulness diary 39

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Mindfulness diary 39   Happy November. I woke up this morning inspired and resolute.  New challenges afoot.  I would like to get fitter, a ski holiday is on the horizon.   So this morning I got up and did my insanity DVD - badly.  I know however if I stick at it I will improve.  I [...]

Mindfulness diary 38

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Mindfulness diary 38   I was really cross with someone today.  Justifiably so I thought.  I really don't want to feel negative emotions but more often than not I learn from them.  So before I confronted them I did some mindful meditation and expelled all negativity from my body.  When I was done I was [...]

Mindfulness diary 37

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Mindfulness diary 37   Almost a year ago  I moved from a big four bedroomed house to a flat.  As I was packing up 26 years of stuff I vowed not to take it all with me into my new life, my new home.  A lot of the 'stuff' I no longer used or only [...]

Ten Mindful tips for a Merry Christmas – countdown

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Ten Mindful tips for a Merry Christmas - countdown   1.  Do what you want to do.  I have re-invented Christmas for myself.  I no longer send cards, give presents or spend Christmas with anyone who doesn't bring anything positive into my life.  But I give to people I know and don't know all through [...]