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Diary of a Mindful Eater – Day two

Diary of a Mindful Eater - Day two When I was studying Chinese Medicine for my Acupuncture degree I was introduced to the energetics of food.  This taught me from a Chinese perspective, the effects of food on the body.  How food can be heating or cooling.  Whether it causes phlegm and mucous or whether [...]

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Diary of a Mindful Eater – Day One

Diary of a Mindful Eater - Day One I have had the most amazing and satisfying week of eating.  Sometimes it just goes right.  I have been on this planet long enough now to know what works for me and what doesn't.  Eating late doesn't.  Eating chocolate doesn't.  Drinking alcohol doesn't.  Eating too big a meal doesn't.  Eating sugar [...]

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Mindfulness workshops 2015

Mindfulness workshops . 2015   18.4. Mindful eating - after Easter or should that be Eater!!! 25.4. Happiness 2.5. Don't complain - change 9.5. Coping Mindfully with depression and other negative emotions 16.5. No such thing as old 23.5. Improve your Confidence with Mindfulness 30.5. Children - inspiring with Mindfulness 6.6. Mindfulness and money 13.6. [...]

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Find lasting happiness with Mindfulness

Find lasting happiness with Mindfulness   In this world of plenty where we can have everything we want instantly, at the touch of a button, how is it that so many people are so unhappy, incomplete and depressed.  The main reason is because we are looking outside ourselves for the answers   Eating too much [...]

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Sorry for the blog absence.  Life has been full and mad.  I have been practising Mindfulness daily and cannot believe what a difference it is making to my life and how I feel.  I have been busy producing articles for my Facebook pages - Change your life with Mindfulness. It has been quite successful.  I [...]

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Mindfulness Diary 47

Mindfulness Diary 47   I recently ran a workshop on Mindful Meditations.  There are so many ways to clear your mind, ease the tension from your body and find peace.  I don't know about you but when I used to think about Meditating I imagined sitting bolt upright, legs crossed and hands resting on knees.  [...]

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