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Hypnotherapy has changed my life

If you had told me five years ago that I would be doing what I am doing now, feeling how I am feeling now, and looking like I look now I would never have believed it. I had been working so hard to turn my life and myself into what I wanted but the reality [...]

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So what’s been good about your day?

Hi, how was your day? Did you experience things that made you smile, did you notice how green the grass was after yesterdays rain? What did you achieve? What made you feel good about yourself and your life? What are you looking forward to tomorrow? Since I started studying hypnotherapy, I, who was already a [...]

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What’s the point of a knee float?

my mind the knee float has four main purposes. To encourage you to move a limb while remaining strong and controlled in your torso, core and pelvis. To work muscles in isolation, recruiting the correct muscles for a movement. To train you to hold a raised leg without too much tension or discomfort in the [...]

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Being Bothered

hi, As I lay in bed this morning at 6 am, all drowsy and warm, I contemplated whether or not to stay under my duvet or be up and out by 6.25.  There is something in me, in my genes perhaps, which makes it impossible for me to not bother.  I know that had I [...]

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The Art of Breathing

Until I started Pilates I don't think I ever breathed properly,  in fact most of the time I held my breath or shallow breathed.  I have found that Pilates breathing relaxes mind and body.  It is like a deep sigh that travels to the bottom of ones torso. I love the way I can feel [...]

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